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191 Golf Society News

2023 sees the start of the Golf Society’s 16th year and its going from strength to strength.

Each year the Society holds an Annual General Meeting, followed by a dinner to which the Ladies are invited. Obviously, this was interrupted by Covid and the officials, having reviewed the situation, have decided to rearrange the format of the AGM, so for 2023 the format concentrates on the members and social golf. The new format is to hold a 9 hole golf competition, followed by Brunch and the AGM. This will take place at Harwood Golf Club on Friday 10 th March.

The members have responded enthusiastically to the new situation with 16 already booked in. So, the 191 Golf Society continues to evolve and of course looks forward to a great year of Social Golf. We welcome new members, whether Masons or non-masons. Good, Average or novice golfers. The object of the 191 Golf Society is to enjoy Social Golf and raise a bob or two for Charity.

Despite a slightly truncated programme, last year, we were able to raise £400 for Charity. The Captain, Malc Ashton has nominated Mesothelioma UK to receive £200 and £200 goes to the Lodge of St John, Good Works account and will be distributed to Charities throughout the year.

See you on the Tee.

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